September 27, 2016


Website Design & web Application Development :

Always bring the best first impression! Many of your website visitors will have their very first experience with you & your company via your website.

Custom Responsive Websites



A responsive website will automatically scale to the device of your website visitor. It will provide a quality user friendly experience for your brand. . We have solutions for every budget and all our websites come with a full-featured content management system (CMS) that makes it simple for you to manage the content of the website Rooots will make sure your brand leverages technology to the fullest.

Software Development:

Ingenious, affordable, problem-solving software customization and services. Rooots has been creating software as a

Software Development

service brands for over Six years, including client-specific software solutions. Spherexx award-winning software is streamlined, appealing, upgradable, and affordable.


Mobile Application Development :

Mobile is a must to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Rooots is a forerunner and pioneer in mobile application development.

mobile application development

Welcome your prospect’s expectations for a seamless mobile experience. Engage Rooots-developed management and marketing tools that dramatically reduce administrative energy and costs, or create your unique mobile application with our programming expertise.

Online Service Management System :

The rooots are largest online network of local business . It helps small businesses connect with customers , other local businesses , Community Management & Monitoring.